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Instructions for MWC watches

Most MWC watches are quite simple to operate but you will find instructions at the links below for the various watches which we manufacture. 

If your watch is equipped with a screw-down crown it is important to understand how this works because failure to screw in the crown correctly can result in costly repairs and if the crown is not secure the watch will leak or the crown can break off.









Types of Strap Pin Used on MWC Watches
We generally use three types of pins depending on the specific model and type of watch.
We have summarized below the various types of pins used and any vital points which need to be noted.
Spring Bars / Pins
The primary benefit of spring pins or bars is that they enable the easy fitment of any type of strap you would potentially want to use, for example silicon, bracelets, NATO straps or leather bands. Care must be taken with spring pins to avoid one of them being ripped out of the casing. This could happen if the strap was snagged on a rock or caught on something which managed to dislodge the pin. The pins we use are quite robust so this would be quite rare but if you are working in a situation where there is a significant risk that the watch could be caught on something then fitting a NATO strap would avoid the risk of losing the actual watch itself in the event that one of the pins was lost. Interestingly this is the reason why the NATO strap was originally designed because even if one of the pins is lost the watch would still remain on the wrist provided the other pins was still in place. It goes without saying that managing to rip out both pins simultaneously would be extremely unlikely.
Screw Pins
Screw pins have some benefits of spring bars but also the strength of solid bars, the only thing to keep in mind is that if they are undone they must be re-secured with a Threadlock, a typical example is Loctite 243, if they are unscrewed from the case and put back without the Threadlock over time they would work loose and one of the pins would inevitably fall out, this can be catastrophic because the watch would potentially drop to the ground and be badly damaged.
Fixed Solid Strap Bars
These types of pins are used on some of our watches but generally only on models which are popular with serving military personnel, police officers and other people who work in a situation where their watch is at higher risk of been snagged on something than would be normal. The downside of solid strap bars is you are restricted to one-piece straps although there are a few leather straps which can be fitted to these types of watch. The pins cannot be removed from the case if they are forced out the options to repair the watch are very limited. When the watch uses these types of Pin it is specifically mentioned in the specification.

Registering your Watch on our Warranty System

If you wish to register your watch on our warranty system you can do so at although registration is not essential it can be helpful in the event that you cannot find the invoice or other proof of purchase should a warranty claim arise at a future date.