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18mm Black Calf Leather Zulu Military Watch Strap



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Classic Black Zulu Leather Watch Band

Crafted from premium calf leather, this Classic Black Zulu Leather Watch Band is suitable for watches made by all leading military contractors as well as robust civilian brands.

Key Differences Between NATO and Zulu Straps:

Many buyers ask about the primary differences between NATO and Zulu straps. The main distinctions lie in the buckles and keepers:

  • Buckles and Keepers: Zulu straps feature rounder and thicker buckles, whereas NATO straps have thinner and more rectangular buckles.
  • Strap Layers: NATO straps include an additional strap that slides through two buckles, resulting in two layers of leather under the watch. In contrast, Zulu straps have only one layer of leather under the watch, allowing the watch to sit lower on the wrist compared to a NATO strap.

Enhance your watch with this stylish and durable Zulu leather band, perfect for any occasion.

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