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20mm Woodland Camouflage NATO Military Watch Strap



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This Classic NATO Watchband is designed to blend in with most temperate areas such as northern Europe, North American States and Canada. The straps are made from fast drying ballistic nylon webbing. This high tech material is ideally suited for use in military watch straps because it is so robust, comfortable and long lasting. These watch straps themselves are perfect for all extreme activities because the design characteristics reduce the risk of losing a watch to virtually zero. In the past we have supplied them to Police and emergency services, exploration, Search and Rescue, oil and gas companies, marine salvage and exploration business and also companies operating in tropical or desert locations: the straps are ideally suited for all these applications by virtue of the fact they can be easily washed and they will dry in minutes. These bands are suitable for watches made by all leading military contractors as well as robust civilian brands. 

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